Physician Finder

Looking for a doctor?  Please use the directory below to find the right physician for you. You can choose to filter the list by name, specialty, accepting new patients, or type of insurance. Just choose the categories that you need and hit search.

Additionally, you can visit:

Huntsville Hospital to view their directory or call HH Physician Care at 256-265-3000

Crestwood Medical Center for online appointment scheduling.  Choose "Patients and Visitors" then "Online Scheduling" to csll 256-429-4000.

For physicians accepting Medicaid, choose Advanced search options below.

(In addition to the Pain Management physicians listed below, we also list additional Opioid Resources here.)

For more information, click on the links below.

6585 Hwy 431 A, Ste E452

Hampton Cove, AL  35763

Phone: 256.881.7321

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